Even though your going through the roughest time of your life, you can still find love!!

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

      In the beginning of The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel Grace was diagnosed with cancer as a little kid, her lungs got filled up with water but she got through it because the antibiotics worked.  Her mother thought she was depressed because she barely ate, she read the same book over and over again, and she barely went out so the doctor recommended a support group. When she attended the support group she met this boy, Augustus Waters, they talked after the support group meeting and he invited her for a movie. Hazel was impressed with all Augustus's trophies but deep down inside of Augustus he hated basketball. After a few weeks of them hanging out Augustus says he has a crush on hazel. While she was sleep, she awakened because she had liquids in her lungs again and that prevented oxygen to get into her, she was also planning to go to Amsterdam but that happened. Hazel told Augustus that they cant take what they are any further because she's going to explode on day and she's scared she's going to break his heart, so she just wants to stay as friends but Augustus doesn't. Her mother surprises her by telling her that they're going to Amsterdam with Augustus. While hazel was at the airport, this little girl asks her whats that in her nose and Hazel says that she gets oxygen from the tube and she lets the little girl put it on. When their in Amsterdam they finally get to meet their favorite author they wanted answers from but they realize he's a alcoholic and he's rude to them both. After they're meeting with the author, his wife comes outside and says sorry to Hazel and Augustus, she takes them to the Anne Frank house and when they finally made it up all those stairs Hazel and Augustus kiss FINALLY! Later that night, him and her goes to his place and ends up having sex, Hazel took his virginity. The next morning, he told her his cancer is back and they're both sad and crying. When they get back home Augustus friend is going to throw eggs at his ex, Monica's, house with Augustus and Hazel. That night, Augustus calls Hazel in the middle of the night saying he's at a gas station and she rushes over there, when she gets there she see's that his stomach is infected so she calls a ambulance. The next day, Augustus is out the hospital and later that night he wants Hazel to go to the church, but before she leaves she has a argument with her parents about when she's dies. When Hazel arrives to the church Augustus wants a pre-funeral for he can be there himself. Augustus died 8 days later in the ICU, the crying was unbearable for Hazel. At his funeral the rude author gave a letter to Hazel, Augustus wrote it before he died. Hazel just lays on the grass and reads the letter, when she's finished she says okay because that his and her forever.




This text is connected to me because I love reading love stories but it also makes me sad. This is text to text because the author of the book had to be going through something to get the idea to write this book. This is text to world because a lot of people have cancer and are dying and its sad seeing people die especially if y'all are really close.




YES, I would recommend this book to anyone that love romance and sad books. This book started out as friends, then romance, then sadness. Also I would rate this book a 10 because I just really love this book, it made me cry that's how sad it was at the ending.

The Typical / Non-Typical College Girl.

Private - Kate Brian

At the beginning of the story a girl, Reed Brennan, was a tomboy who entered college alone and dint know anyone and didn't talk to anyone shes been like that since years now until she got a dorm with Constance Talbot, she talks way to much and reed just keeps trying to go with the flow. In the middle of the book, Reed likes this boy named Thomas he have gave her a look earlier and she couldn't stop thinking about it. Then he asked reed to dance and everyone was jealous and then he kissed her... Plus, reed has been lacking and if she doesn't bring up her grades their going to boot her out of school and there would be no more Thomson or Billings Girls. Finally, at the end of the book they found out about what happened with Leanne Shore and found evidence in her room so they're kicking her out of school.  Reed stomach was in pain and she didn't want the person she liked to see her puke but then Whittaker helped her up and walked with her, Reed feels like she did something right because of Noelle's smile and comments.


The text to self is that Reed was lonely at time but then started having friends, that is saying that friendships takes time and you have to work on it to if you want friends. The text to text is that you got to use every power you have to be in something that's hard to be in.  The text to world is that yeah you want t be in these circles and everything but if you want to pass and focus you don't need that all you really need is yourself and mind. Those are the connections.


I would recommend this book to others because it was interesting. This book is really made for people that likes interesting girl drama books. If your really into drama which i know a lot of girls are into today then read "Private" and they keeping because they're is a whole collection. Hope you guys enjoy this book!

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